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Recognized for Virtual Reality Education and Innovation by the State of California and Senator Ben Allen. 


Development & Prototypes

We take your VR concept and guide the planning process to build a VR prototype.  We work with your budget and timeline to scope our the development and start building out the first phase.  

User Testing & Marketing Plan

The second phase of development, we take our game to different VR users and audience and see how well they understand your prototype and refine its user experience.  Then we finalize your marketing plan for launch.  

Launch & Publish

Once the game is ready for launch, we work with different distribution networks as well as our own VR network to publish your experience.  




The Hyperator VR Studio is a full stack development studio that guides our clients through the VR development pipeline from concept to launch.  We are focused on bringing a new audience to VR that ranges from projects in Education, Engineering, Architecture, Sports and Games.  

IMG_8591 2.JPG

recognized by the State of California for VR Education



Year Established

Hyperator VR Innovation Labs offers white labeled services for VR games in higher education, corporate and service training.


Published Games

Star Kingdom Astrology

Star Kingdom is a full immersion virtual reality astrology experience beginning the journey with your birthday. Its a fun game play as you learn about the stars. Only $0.99.

Holiday Simulator: Wacky Sleigh Ride

Holiday Similator - Wacky Sleigh Ride tests your skills to see if you have what it takes to deliver all the presents before the sun comes up. Choose between tossing presents or lumps of coal in this comedic journey in the north pole. Only $0.99.