Star Kingdom is an astrology VR experience that helps you look deeper into your personality and how you interact with the world. 

Star Kingdom

Star Kingdom is a story that encompasses astrology and how the stars have been narrating a magical story on this planet about each of us awakening to our galactic calling.  Imagine you're in a movie, and you forget what you're supposed to do next, you can always look up at the stars, and see how they guide you to the current narrative of the movie.    

There is so much personal and interpersonal information behind the orbit of the planets, so we decided to build the stories through different digital medium in Virtual Reality.  Here are the different ways you can experience Star Kingdom:

Release Date: 12/2016

Star Kingdom: The Elements 

SK: The Elements takes you into a 3D representation of your astrology chart the day you were born.  You then learn how each of the planets and your zodiac traits express themselves by using the four elements as metaphors.  Travel to the observatory and see how the planets are aligned today or any time you choose.  .. Beware, there are dark forces that are attracted to your light that do not want you to learn how the power of the stars work...

VR - HTC Vive / Oculus

+ Learn how the planets, zodiac constellation and the elemental connection work

+ Learn how to read the energy for a specific date 

+ Practice affirmations based on your energy

Star Kingdom: MobileVR 

SK: Mobile VR will be the visualization and meditations around the Star Kingdom series.  The mobile experience will be a much simpler app, however will still teach alot of the astrology components of The Elements, but with less interactivity.  We are currently in development and would love to presale the game for its 2017 release.   

Release Date: Fall 2017

Samsung GearVR, Daydream

+ Learn how the planets, zodiac constellation and the elemental connection work

+ Learn how to read the energy for a specific date 

+ Watch astrologer describe how the energy will affect you both in your personal life and the collective consciousness

Star Kingdom 2: The Rainbow Tribe

SK: 2 - The Rainbow Tribe continues the story of the Dark Fog and its corruption on earth, and in this story, we learn more about The Guardians of each of the zodiac sign and how they were separated through different civilizations in time.  You must travel back in time, using the alignment of the stars to find each of the zodiac guardians.   

Release Date: TBD

VR - HTC Vive / Oculus


Star Kingdom Astrology VR Sound Bath

7:30pm - 9:00pm

September 23, 2017

Come and join us at Mystic Journey for an Astrology Sound Bath where we'll let you demo Star Kingdom, and then sit through a meditation with sound bowls that connects you to your chakras as well as the star alignment for the night.  

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